Christophe Beck – Ant-Man and the Wasp (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Genres: Soundtrack
Released: 2018-07-06T07:00:00Z


1-1 It Ain’t Over Till the Wasp Lady Stings
1-2 Prologue
1-3 Ghost in the Machine
1-4 World’s Greatest Grandma
1-5 A Little Nudge
1-6 Feds
1-7 Ava’s Story
1-8 Wings & Blasters
1-9 Utmost Ghost
1-10 Tracker Swarm
1-11 Cautious as a Hurricane
1-12 Misdirection
1-13 Quantum Leap
1-14 I Shrink, Therefore I Am
1-15 Partners
1-16 Windshield Wipeout
1-17 Hot Wheels
1-18 Revivification
1-19 A Flock of Seagulls
1-20 San Francisco Giant
1-21 Ghost = Toast
1-22 Reduce Yourself
1-23 Quit Screwing Around
1-24 Anthropodie
1-25 Baba Yaga Lullaby

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