JP Cooper – Raised Under Grey Skies (Deluxe)

Genres: Singer/Songwriter
Released: 2017-10-06T07:00:00Z


-1 We Were Raised Under Grey Skies
-2 September Song
-3 Good Friend
-4 All This Love
-5 The Only Reason
-6 Passport Home
-7 She’s On My Mind
-8 Wait
-9 Change
-10 Closer
-11 Beneath the Streetlights and the Moon
-12 In the Silence
-13 Momma’s Prayers
-14 Masterpiece
-15 Tidal Wave
-16 Party
-17 Lost Boy Dreaming
-18 Passport Home (Piano Acoustic)
-19 September Song (Guitar Acoustic)
-20 Perfect Strangers (Band Version)

Category: iTunes Plus Music
File info: Purchased AAC audio file M4A

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