Katie Melua – In Winter (Special Edition)

Genres: Pop
Released: 2016-10-14T07:00:00Z


1-1 The Little Swallow
1-2 River
1-3 Perfect World
1-4 Cradle Song
1-5 A Time to Buy
1-6 Plane Song
1-7 If You Are so Beautiful
1-8 Dreams on Fire
1-9 All-Night Vigil – Nunc Dimittis
1-10 O Holy Night
2-1 The Little Swallow (Live in Berlin)
2-2 River (Live in Berlin)
2-3 Perfect World (Live in Berlin)
2-4 Cradle Song (Live in Berlin)
2-5 A Time to Buy (Live in Berlin)
2-6 Plane Song (Live in Berlin)
2-7 If You Are so Beautiful (Live in Berlin)
2-8 Dreams on Fire (Live in Berlin)
2-9 All-Night Vigil – Nunc Dimittis (Live in Berlin)
2-10 O Holy Night (Live in Berlin)
2-11 Belfast (Live in Berlin)
2-12 Bridge Over Troubled Water (Live in Berlin)
2-13 Wonderful Life (Live in Berlin)
2-14 Nine Million Bicycles (Live in Berlin)
2-15 Closest Thing to Crazy (Live in Berlin)
2-16 Satrpialo (Live in Berlin)
2-17 I Cried for You (Live in Berlin)

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