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This is a Premium membership feature, get your membership here

You only have to pay us 60% of the price on iTunes Store. That means for a $10 request, you only need $6 to get it.

To use this service, please use fill in the form below with

– Artists – Album:
– iTunes link:

I’ll get back to you with the payment detail after that, and add your requests to the wishlist for the next purchase.


42 thoughts on “Premium Request

    1. Grand Master Post author

      Payment received, the movie has been added into wishlist.
      EDIT: I’ll get the HD one 🙂

  1. Capitain

    The movies or concerts that you pay 1/2 will be shared to everyone or just to the guy who paid 1/2? I am thinking about to send 🙂

    1. Grand Master Post author

      It’s up to the one who pay, if he doesn’t have any note about this, I’ll share to everyone

  2. Shamith Dilan

    – iTunes links:


  3. Shamith Dilan

    – iTunes link:


  4. Shamith Dilan

    – iTunes link:


  5. Ian Alexander

    – iTunes link:!/id295260440

    Thank you!

  6. Nathan H

    Here’s a varied selection 🙂!/id474642882


  7. Shamith D

    – iTunes link:


  8. Tiffany Dinh

    If I decide that I wanted to get an album at 1/2 price through the special service, but I don’t want it to be shared to everyone, how will I be able to get my album(s)? Or do you just email the album download link to the album requester?

      1. Tiffany Dinh

        I have 3 questions about the Premium Requests (last set of questions, I promise).

        1) How long do Premium Requests usually take, before the requester receives his/her items?
        2) Are people able to request items from another iTunes country store, or iTunes US only?
        3) Weird question, I know. Do you accept iTunes US gift card codes as an alternative form of payment to sending you money via Paypal? If not, that’s okay.

        I’ll try out the Premium Requests once I put enough funds into my Paypal & I will message you a reply on the chatbox to notify you when I’m ready.

  9. Lachlan Kent

    Hey fellas trust me when I tell you that the site has made some great improvements of late and I am thrilled to still be a member and watching the changes and I also am thankful for the films you posted a few months ago for me… I am kinda hoping that you could maybe come up with something in the catagory of the films I am requesting… I wish for you all to know that I am not demanding or trying in anyway to be above anyone who posts requests as I feel we are all treated equally I am just hopeful… I am also posting a request on the music site that my foster son asked me to request months ago and I did but to no avail, I am really kind of hopeful on that one… Thanks Lachlan

    – Artist – Album:George Strait – Strait-Out-Of-The-Box
    – Release date: September 12 1995
    – iTunes link:

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