American Violet thumbnail

American Violet

Genres: Drama Released: 2009-10-13T07:00:00Z Nicole Beharie (The Express), Will Patton (Entrapment, The Postman), Charles Dutton (TV’s Roc, Mimic) and Alfre Woodard (TV’s Desperate Housewives, Primal Fear) star in this gripping true-life story. Falsely accused of distributing narcotics in a school zone, Dee Roberts (Beharie) is offered a deal she can’t…

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All Cheerleaders Die thumbnail

All Cheerleaders Die

Genres: Horror Released: 2013-01-01T08:00:00Z Teenage outsider Maddy (Caitlin Stasey) is keeping some dark secrets and holding a serious grudge against the captain of the Blackfoot High football team. When Maddy joins the school’s elite and powerful cheerleading squad, she convinces her new friends to help inflict her revenge. After a…

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America's Untold Journey, Season 1 thumbnail

America’s Untold Journey, Season 1

Genres: Nonfiction Released: 2016-01-18T08:00:00Z See for the first time the little known historical facts that aren’t taught in most American History classes. “America’s Untold Journey” chronicles the 450 year arc of little known continuous African American history beginning in 1565 in Spanish Florida and continuing to the present day. Episode…

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$5 a Day thumbnail

$5 a Day

Genres: Comedy Released: 2010-01-26T08:00:00Z Christopher Walken is hilarious as Nat, an eccentric con-artist and deadbeat dad dying to reconnect with his troubled son, Flynn (Alessandro Nivola, The Eye, Laurel Canyon). Diagnosed with a terminal illness, Nat shanghais his reluctant son into driving him cross-country for experimental medical treatment. Low on…

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The Short History of the Long Road thumbnail

The Short History of the Long Road

Genres: Drama Released: 2020-06-16T07:00:00Z Hollywood Records Artist Sabrina Carpenter (Disney’s “Girl Meets World”) stars as Nola, a girl whose home is the open road with her father and their van. When tragedy hits, Nola must learn that life on the road may not be her only choice. Category: iTunes Movie…

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10,000 Saints thumbnail

10,000 Saints

Genres: Drama Released: 2015-08-14T07:00:00Z Set in the 1980s, teenage Jude (Asa Butterfield) moves from Vermont to New York City to live with his father (Ethan Hawke) in the punk-fueled East Village. Caught in the chaos of city life, Jude and his friends, Eliza and Johnny (Hailee Steinfeld and Emile Hirsch)…

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Transformers Prime, Vol. 1 thumbnail

Transformers Prime, Vol. 1

Genres: Kids & Family Released: 2010-11-26T08:00:00Z Optimus Prime and the Autobots investigate the return of the Decepticons while forced to account for a group of young humans who unwittingly become involved in their eons-old conflict. Episode List: 1 Darkness Rising, Pt. 1 2 Darkness Rising, Pt. 2 3 Darkness Rising,…

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The Booksellers thumbnail

The Booksellers

Genres: Documentary Released: 2020-03-06T08:00:00Z Antiquarian booksellers are part scholar, part detective and part businessperson, and their personalities and knowledge are as broad as the material they handle. They also play an underappreciated yet essential role in preserving history. THE BOOKSELLERS takes viewers inside their small but fascinating world, populated by…

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Young Ahmed thumbnail

Young Ahmed

Genres: Drama Released: 2020-02-21T08:00:00Z The Dardenne Brothers won this year’s Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival for this brave new work, another intimate portrayal-in-furious-motion of a protagonist in crisis. The filmmakers’ radical empathy alights on a Muslim teenager (extraordinary first-time actor Idir Ben Addi) in a small Belgian…

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Tristana thumbnail


Genres: Drama Released: 2012-10-12T07:00:00Z Tristana stars Catherine Deneuve as an orphaned young woman who becomes the ward of a nobleman (Fernando Rey) who seduces her. She then leaves him for an artist (Franco Nero), but returns to her aging benefactor and calculatingly hastens his demise. Filmed in Toledo, Spain, it…

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The Scooby-Doo Show, Season 2 thumbnail

The Scooby-Doo Show, Season 2

Genres: Animation Released: 1977-09-10T07:00:00Z A museum curator and two geology students impersonate Viking ghosts to keep people away from a lake and steal the area’s thermal energy. Episode List: 1 The Curse of Viking Lake 2 Vampires, Bats & Scaredy Cats 3 Hang In There, Scooby-Doo 4 The Chiller Diller…

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Transformers Prime, Vol. 5 thumbnail

Transformers Prime, Vol. 5

Genres: Kids & Family Released: 2013-03-22T07:00:00Z Team Prime struggles to reunite after Megatron’s victory, and Optimus struggles to survive. Episode List: 1 Darkmount, Nevada 2 Scattered 3 Prey 4 Rebellion 5 Project Predacon 6 Chain of Command 7 Plus One 8 Thirst 9 Evolution 10 Minus One 11 Persuasion 12…

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Les Choses de la Vie thumbnail

Les Choses de la Vie

Genres: Romance Released: 1970-08-31T07:00:00Z Michel (Michel Piccoli) is involved in a terrible car accident. Fatally injured, he sees his life pass before his eyes. Only now does he realize the importance of all the details of existence, the pleasures and sorrows that together makeup life’s happiness. Romy Schneider as Hélène…

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The Jazz Singer thumbnail

The Jazz Singer

Genres: Drama Released: 1980-12-17T08:00:00Z Neil Diamond adds his own distinctive sounds to the classic role of a young Jewish cantor on the verge of a dream. Category: iTunes Movie File info: Purchased MPEG-4 video file M4V Video quality: 1080p Full HD

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The Festival thumbnail

The Festival

Genres: Comedy Released: 2019-12-06T08:00:00Z When Nick’s girlfriend dumps him at graduation, he has a colossal meltdown in front of the entire university. He’s convinced that his life is over, but his best mate, Shane, has the perfect solution: three days at an epic music festival. Category: iTunes Movie File info:…

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The Deeper You Dig thumbnail

The Deeper You Dig

Genres: Horror Released: 2020-06-05T07:00:00Z 14-year old Echo and her mother Ivy, a tarot card reader, live a quiet life in a rural area. When reclusive Kurt moves down the road to restore an abandoned farmhouse, an accident leads to Echo’s murder, and suddenly three lives collide in mysterious and wicked…

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Saving Jaws thumbnail

Saving Jaws

Genres: Documentary Released: 2019-06-25T07:00:00Z Renowned Marine Biologist, OCEAN RAMSEY (aka “The Shark Whisper”), credits her unparalleled connection with sharks to over a decade of research. However, others are convinced it is something more… Join Ocean as she and a small team of marine biologists travel the globe in the hopes…

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Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind thumbnail

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

Genres: Documentary Released: 2018-07-16T07:00:00Z ?A love letter to a unique and irrepressible comic talent, who left us far too soon, Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind takes viewers through the one-of-a-kind actor and comedian’s extraordinary life and career, revealing what drove him to give voice to the incredible characters he…

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Silicon Valley, Season 6 thumbnail

Silicon Valley, Season 6

Genres: Comedy Released: 2019-10-27T07:00:00Z Season Six Premiere. Richard discovers his promise to keep Pied Piper free from collecting user data is under threat. Jared finds himself missing his role as Richard’s go-to guy and revisits the hacker hostel. Gilfoyle devises a creative way to deal with Dinesh’s complaining. Episode List:…

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Hope Gap thumbnail

Hope Gap

Genres: Drama Released: 2020-03-06T08:00:00Z The intimate and loving story of HOPE GAP charts the life of Grace (Annette Bening) and her husband Edward (Bill Nighy)—a couple married for 29 years who live in an idyllic British seaside town. Grace’s life begins to unravel when Edward suddenly announces he plans to…

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Remember Me thumbnail

Remember Me

Genres: Comedy Released: 2017-11-28T08:00:00Z In this coming-of-age-at-30 comedy, a risk-averse public radio war correspondent –who’s never actually been to war–unexpectedly ends up on a road trip with his cousin and their seemingly frail grandmother (Academy Award winner Rita Moreno) to deliver her to an assisted care facility. Along the way,…

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Rat Race thumbnail

Rat Race

Genres: Comedy Released: 2002-01-29T08:00:00Z An all-star comedy cast brings laughs from start to finish when a casino tycoon gives six money-crazed contestants the chance to win $2 million in a race from Las Vegas to New Mexico. Who will win this dash for the cash is anybody’s guess, but one…

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Silicon Valley, Season 5 thumbnail

Silicon Valley, Season 5

Genres: Comedy Released: 2018-03-25T07:00:00Z Season Five Premiere. Now that Pied Piper has ample funding and new offices, the pressure to get things right stymies Richard and forces him to grow the company in a way he hadn’t planned. A picky Dinesh and Gilfoyle question their ability to make good decisions.…

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The Blackout: Invasion Earth thumbnail

The Blackout: Invasion Earth

Genres: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Released: 2020-05-29T07:00:00Z No meteorites hit Earth, no terrorists put the world in danger, no atomic war was started, but something went wrong. Contact between most towns on Earth has been severed. A small ring-like area in Eastern Europe still has electricity, and maybe even life is…

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Miss Stevens thumbnail

Miss Stevens

Genres: Drama Released: 2016-09-16T07:00:00Z Stuck at a crossroads in her personal life, it falls on Miss Stevens to chaperone three of her students — Billy, Margot and Sam — on a weekend trip to a drama competition. Exploring the fine line between being a grown up and being a kid,…

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Love Jones thumbnail

Love Jones

Genres: Drama Released: 1997-03-14T08:00:00Z Darius Lovehall is a young black poet in Chicago who starts dating Nina Moseley, a beautiful and talented photographer. While trying to figure out if they’ve got a “love thing” or are just “kicking it,” they hang out with their friend, talking about love and sex.…

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Silicon Valley, Season 4 thumbnail

Silicon Valley, Season 4

Genres: Comedy Released: 2017-04-23T07:00:00Z Season Four Premiere. In the wake of Pied Piper’s clickfarm scandal, the guys struggle to find funding for Pied Piper’s video-chat app to keep up with their rapidly-growing user base. Erlich faces resistance from Big Head’s dad, while Gavin balks after Jack steps on his toes…

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Infamous thumbnail


Genres: Action & Adventure Released: 2020-06-12T07:00:00Z Arielle is a down on her luck dreamer who longs for popularity. Dean is an ex-con working for his abusive father. The two have an instant connection, and after the accidental death of Dean’s father, are forced on the run. In order to sustain…

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Johnny Mnemonic thumbnail

Johnny Mnemonic

Genres: Drama Released: 1995-05-26T07:00:00Z Keanu Reeves is a space-age courier who’s plugged in, turned on and buffed up to deliver the most important data of the 21st century, wet-wired directly into his brain! A rapid-fire roller coaster of action and high-impact imagery! Also starring Dolph Lundgren, Takeshi, Ice-T, Dina Meyer…

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