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Mayans M.C., Season 2

Genres: Drama Released: 2019-09-03T07:00:00Z Mayans M.C. is the next chapter in the Sons of Anarchy saga. Set in a post-Jax Teller world, EZ Reyes is a prospect in the Mayans M.C. charter on the Cali/Mexi border. Once the golden boy with the American Dream in his grasp, EZ is trying…

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American Horror Story: 1984, Season 9

Genres: Drama Released: 2019-09-03T07:00:00Z In the summer of 1984, five friends escape Los Angeles to work as counselors at Camp Redwood. As they adjust to their new jobs, they quickly learn that the only thing scarier than campfire tales is the past coming to haunt you. American Horror Story: 1984…

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DuckTales, Vol. 4

Genres: Kids Released: 2019-05-14T07:00:00Z Brace yourself for more high stakes adventures with Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby! Dewey tries to prove himself while exploring a frozen fortress in search of a Money Tree Seed. Huey and Webby help Fenton woo a punk rock scientist. And when Scrooge and Dewey attempt…

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Fear the Walking Dead, Season 5

Genres: Drama Released: 2019-06-02T07:00:00Z The mission to help others will be put to the ultimate test when our group lands in uncharted territory. They will be forced to face not just their pasts but also their fears, leaving them forever changed. Episode 1 Here to Help 2 The Hurt That…

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Preacher, Season 4

Genres: Drama Released: 2019-08-04T07:00:00Z As our story inches closer to the finale, God’s endgame for the universe begins to click into place. Trapped between heavenly prophecies, hellish prisons, and all-out nuclear war, Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy make their bloody way to the Most High. Whether they can reach God in…

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Peaky Blinders, Series 5 thumbnail

Peaky Blinders, Series 5

Genres: Drama Released: 2019-08-25T07:00:00Z 1929.€ The Shelby family have dispersed: Michael is living at Shelby Company headquarters in Detroit, Aunt Polly is holed up with a pilot in Monte Carlo and Tommy’€s political career is going from strength to strength. However, the Shelby’s are forced back together when news of…

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Hold the Sunset, Series 2

Genres: Comedy Released: 2018-12-21T07:00:00Z Edith and Phil are still determined to escape to the Mediterranean. But the dream is drifting further away. Roger hits on the idea of running Edith’s spare bedroom as a bed and breakfast – a plan he hasn’t quite got round to sharing with his mother.…

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The Handmaid’s Tale, Season 3

Genres: Drama Released: 2019-06-09T08:00:00Z The third season of the Emmy Award®-winning “The Handmaid’s Tale” is driven by titular handmaid June’s (Elisabeth Moss) resistance to the dystopian regime of Gilead, in which she finds herself once again after opting not to flee to Canada with her baby at the end of…

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Galactica 1980, Season 1 thumbnail

Galactica 1980, Season 1

Genres: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Released: 1980-01-27T07:00:00Z Watch these thrilling episodes of Galactica 1980, and see what happens when the original Battlestar Galactica crew finally makes the long-anticipated descent to Earth. With time running out and the Cylons closing in on their trail, Commander Adama and the Galactica must work harder than ever before to help…

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Doom Patrol, Season 1 thumbnail

Doom Patrol, Season 1

Genres: Drama Released: 2019-02-15T07:00:00Z DOOM PATROL reimagines one of DC’s most beloved groups of Super Heroes: Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Woman and Crazy Jane, led by modern-day mad scientist Niles Caulder aka The Chief. Part support group, part Super Hero team, the Doom Patrol is a band of superpowered freaks who…

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iZombie, Season 5

Genres: Drama Released: 2019-05-02T07:00:00Z In season 5 of iZOMBIE, our heroes try to keep the peace in the zombie state that is New Seattle, but with starving zombies on one side and terrified humans on the other, they’ll have their work cut out for them. Liv faces off with the…

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Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Season 6

Genres: Drama Released: 2019-05-10T07:00:00Z Returning for a dynamic, action-packed sixth season. The team embarks on missions to protect the world from new threats under new director Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie. Ever since the existence of super heroes and aliens became public knowledge after the Battle of New York, the world has…

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Ballers, Season 4

Genres: Comedy Released: 2018-08-1207:00:00Z Surf’s up and it’s game on in a new season of HBO’s hit comedy series. As Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson) and his partner, Joe Krutel (Rob Corddry), head to California with dreams of becoming media titans, they consider purchasing an extreme-sports LA outfit run by the…

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Gomorrah, Season 4

Genres: Drama Released: 2019-06-19T07:00:00Z In the aftermath of Ciro’s death, Genny is left to face a Naples once again on the brink of fighting and bloodshed. With Sangue Blu taking back his grandfather’s kingdom and the Capaccio crew making their moves on the Secondigliano turf, Genny’s sole remaining option is…

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Gentleman Jack

Genres: Drama Released: 2019-05-19T07:00:00Z Sally Wainwright adapts the extraordinary life of Yorkshire landowner Anne Lister based on her meticulous diaries. Halifax, Yorkshire, 1832. Anne returns from her travels in Europe to the family manor. She is cultured, highly educated, financially independent, practical and an expert in medical, legal and industrial…

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Deep State, Season 2

Genres: Drama Released: 2019-05-09T07:00:00Z After an unsuccessful operation in the Middle East, the deep state are now turning their attention to sub-Saharan Africa. This season features a range of new characters led by Emmy®-nominated actor Walton Goggins, playing a fixer for the deep state who faces some tough personal choices.…

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Genres: Comedy Released: 2006-08-18T07:00:00Z   From the producer of Bruce Almighty and Liar Liar comes a whole new school of thought: Accepted. When every college turns him down, Bartleby “B” Gaines decides to make one up. Welcome to the South Harmon Institute of Technology, where the students teach the classes,…

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American Gods, Season 2

Genres: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Released: 2019-05-06T07:00:00Z Adapted from Neil Gaiman’s best-selling novel. A second bite of the lavish war between old gods and new gods in this eagerly anticipated, provocative and boundary-busting drama. This is the story of the traditional gods of mythological roots, steadily losing believers to an upstart…

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Pose, Season 1

Genres: Drama Released: 2018-06-03T07:00:00Z Set in the 1980s in New York City, Pose is a dance musical that explores the juxtaposition of different segments of society in New York, including the ball culture world. The series stars Evan Peters, Kate Mara, James Van Der Beek, Mj Rodriguez, Dominique Jackson, Billy…

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Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, Season 2

Genres: Drama Released: 2019-04-04T07:00:00Z 8 months after saving the city, Tandy and Tyrone are still in contact, but are lying to each other. Once they realize they still need each other more than ever, they come back together to do good, but end up facing a bigger bad than either…

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The Enemy Within, Season 1

Genres: Drama Released: 2019-01-16T07:00:00Z In this character-based psychological thriller, Erica Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter) is a brilliant former CIA operative, now known as one of the most notorious traitors in recent American history serving life in a Supermax prison. Against every fiber of his being but with nowhere else to turn,…

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Killing Eve, Season 2

Genres: Drama Released: 2019-04-07T07:00:00Z Killing Eve is a story of two women, bound by a mutual obsession and one brutal act; Eve, an MI6 operative, and Villanelle, the assassin Eve is tasked with finding. Episode 1 Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body? 2 Nice and Neat 3…

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Chicago PD, Season 6

Genres: Drama Released: 2018-09-26T07:00:00Z “Chicago P.D.” is a riveting police drama about the men and women of the Chicago Police Department’s elite Intelligence Unit – fighting against the city’s most heinous offenses – organized crime, drug trafficking, high-profile murders and beyond. Episode 1 New Normal 2 Endings (3) 3 Bad…

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Happy!, Season 2

Genres: Drama Released: 2019-03-27T07:00:00Z Season 2 begins with Easter on the horizon –a season of hideous pastels, dye-stained fingertips and a general “who really gives a f***” attitude. A newly sober-ish Sax finds himself struggling with the demands of family and fatherhood. He has sworn to do right by his…

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Chicago Med, Season 4

Genres: Drama Released: 2018-09-26T07:00:00Z From Emmy Award-winning executive producer Dick Wolf (the “Law & Order” and “Chicago” brands), “Chicago Med” is an emotional thrill ride through the day-to-day chaos of the city’s newest state-of-the-art trauma center and into the lives of the courageous doctors, nurses and staff who hold it…

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Supergirl, Season 4

Genres: DramaReleased: 2017-11-12T07:00:00Z This Season Pass includes all current and future episodes of Vikings, Season 5. The episodes of Season 5 are expected to be released over the course of more than a year, or at the network’s discretion. After the Viking victories in Northumbria and Wessex, successfully getting revenge…

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Charmed, Season 1

Genres: Drama Released: 2018-10-14T07:00:00Z “Stronger together.” That’s what Marisol (guest star Valerie Cruz) tells her daughters, firebrand social justice warrior Melanie “Mel” Vera (Melonie Diaz), and her sister, fun-loving Maggie (Sarah Jeffery), about their family. Mel is a graduate student in the women’s studies department her mother heads at Hilltowne…

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Chicago Fire, Season 7

Genres: Drama Released: 2018-09-26T07:00:00Z From renowned Emmy Award-winning executive producer Dick Wolf (“Law & Order” brand) and co-creator Derek Haas, the writer behind “3:10 to Yuma,” comes Season 7 of the high-octane drama – an edge-of-your-seat view into the lives of everyday heroes committed to one of America’s noblest professions.…

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Season 4

Genres: Drama Released: 2018-10-22T07:00:00Z After defeating the demon Mallus by cuddling him to death with a giant stuffed animal named Beebo, the Legends are ready to ease off the gas. Sara and her team join Ava Sharpe and the Time Bureau to help clean up the last few remaining anachronisms.…

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SEAL Team, Season 2

Genres: Drama Released: 2017-09-27T07:00:00Z Season 2 of SEAL Team picks up months after the team has returned home from deployment. Ray (Neil Brown Jr.) is struggling with being on the outs with Jason (David Boreanaz) and Bravo Team as they head to the Gulf of Guinea to rescue American hostages…

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