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Regarding the issue with my emails

Recently I noticed that many of my emails did not reach recipients inbox, instead they went to Spam/Junk box. If you haven’t been seeing my emails for a while, please open your Spam/Junk box and mark my emails from as Not Spam/Junk
After doing this, you should be able to receive my emails in your inbox

Best regards,


Regarding the current situation with Box

Hello everyone,

I’m really sorry for the lack of communication the last few days. You probably know by now that my current Box account is not functioning, causing a lot of files unaccessible. With no answer yet from Box, I wasn’t sure of what will happen and could not come up with an announcement. But regardless of what the outcome might be, I’m planning to get at least 1 new host ( or 2 if the Box account ends up gone ). All the movies and shows will be reuploaded to those 2 hosts, newest to oldest. Also, by monitoring the comments, I will keep track of the links and update them accordingly, so you guys won’t have to make any report. The files will be reuploaded within 48 hours for movies, although it might take longer for shows. You can check the posts at a later time for the updated links

For a few years, the guys from thehub247 was generous enough let me use their Box account for free, and thus I was able to cut a very significant amount of expense on file hosting service. However that will not be the case from now on. I’m planning to use GSuite and Hightail together. They will cost $65 a month and that is not what I can afford on my own. I’m open to any idea on how to fund these hosts, please leave a comment if you have any suggestion

Thank you for you support!

The current situation of v3 site: Updated poll

Hello everyone,

I’m writing this to inform you guys about the current financial situation of the site. I’ve been trying to keep the membership cost of the site $20/month for as long as I could, while offering up to $52-60 worth of request every month for each member.

However as I’m calculating the total cost and return now, it’s just not possible for me to keep doing this the same way as before. I’ll try to break it down with as much details as I can, with the total posts per week of 28 (4 a day)

Total cost of running the site includes:

  • Server + domain: $47/month
  • Purchasing cost: $1,320/month on average
    • Regular requests: Currently around 15/week @$13 = $195/week -> $780/month
    • New releases: Average 5/week @$15= $75/week -> $300/month
    • Other purchases including movies on sales, premium requests etc.: 8/week @$7.5= $60 -> $240/month

For a total cost of $1,367/month on average

Total payments I receive from 55 members @$20/month (this is not accurate as many members using longer membership period at lower fee) = $1,100/month 

As you can see, with the current cost & revenue, it’s not possible for me to keep running the site this way in the long run. I will run out of funds from prepayments very soon unless there are some changes. I really don’t think I should make any decision on my own, so if you guys have any suggestion, please let me know. You can do so in the comment section, chat box or on Discord.

Thank you for your continued support!

Edit 1: Added a poll based on what everyone has suggested so far, multiple answers is allowed

Should the site be splitted?
  • 75.51% - ( 37 votes )
  • 24.49% - ( 12 votes )
What changes should be made about the request system?
  • 20.93% - ( 9 votes )
  • 60.47% - ( 26 votes )
  • 18.6% - ( 8 votes )
What changes should be made about membership fee?
  • 74.36% - ( 29 votes )
  • 25.64% - ( 10 votes )

v3 Premium Membership On Sale!

For 1 week, starting from 8/5/2017 – 8/12/2017, v3 Premium Membership will be on sale for 25% off. You can now get a membership with just $15/month or $45/3 months, signup or upgrade your account here

The discounted price can be applied to an account only one time during this period. If you have any question, please let me know through email

As always, thank you for your support!



Looking for contribution

Hi everyone, there is currently a request for The Simpsons show on iTunes from one of our member. He’s willing to cover a portion of the seasons and looking for more contributors to purchase the whole show with 28 seasons in Full HD. The current price is $15/season on store, and as usual I can cover half the price so it’s only $7.5 for each season.

We’re planning to get 1-2 seasons up a week and we’d love to get some more help to get all the seasons in 4-5 months. So if you’re interested, please send me an email. You can contribute any time you want to, but the sooner you do this the easier for us to plan the purchases.

Thank you for your help!


Important information about Circle

A few days ago, Circle announced to stop the Bitcoin related service, as stated in their blog:

Circle customers who currently hold bitcoin instead of US dollars, pound sterling, or euros may convert instantly to any of those currencies (depending upon availability in the customer’s area). Customers who previously bought and sold bitcoin in the Circle apps may still sell, if they choose, by converting their bitcoin to dollars, euros, or sterling and then withdrawing the balance to their linked card or bank account. Once converted, the account will remain in dollars, euros, or sterling.

Consumers who seek to buy and sell bitcoin in the future may now leverage our new preferred partnership with Coinbase. Customers may still send their bitcoin to any wallet or exchange of their choosing, but Coinbase is our recommended consumer bitcoin exchange.

So from now on, we can’t use Circle for Bitcoin payments anymore. For Circle users, switching to Coinbase is now a recommended option. The site supports Bitcoin purchase through credit & debit card, bank deposit etc… and of course Bitcoin transfer.

If you need support, please contact me directly to my Discord server or through contact form



Setting Up Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet


This is GM from iplus4u. I’m writing this quick guide in order to help you guys with purchasing Bitcoin to make payment on the site. Don’t worry if you never tried Bitcoin before, just consider it as a type of currency that can be transferred internationally with no fee. If you already had a Bitcoin wallet like Coinbase or Circle, you go here to start making payment for membership.

If you need support, please contact me directly to my Discord server or through contact form

1 – Go to this website to find the your local provider, select your country

For example, choosing US

2 –Here you can choose from various providers available in your country, I’m choosing Coinbase this time

3- You can find reviews of the providers here, and when you’re ready, proceed to buy Bitcoins by clicking the green button “Buy Bitcoin”

Here’s an example on buying Bitcoin on Coinbase with credit/debit card

4 – After finish setting up your account, you go here to start making payment for membership.