Love and Monsters thumbnail

Love and Monsters

Genres: Action & Adventure Released: 2020-10-16T07:00:00Z Dylan O’Brien stars in this thrilling adventure delivering epic action and laughs. After monsters take over the world, Joel (O’Brien, The Maze Runner) and the rest of humanity are forced to live underground. Believing he’s lost everyone he has ever loved, Joel finds his…

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The Doorman thumbnail

The Doorman

Genres: Action & Adventure Released: 2020-10-09T07:00:00Z In this punishing action-thriller starring Ruby Rose (John Wick: Chapter 2), a former Marine turned doorman at a luxury New York City high-rise must outsmart and battle a group of art thieves and their ruthless leader (Jean Reno, Léon: The Professional) — while struggling…

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The Opening Act thumbnail

The Opening Act

Genres: Comedy Released: 2020-01-01T08:00:00Z Will Chu is stuck in a thankless job while trying to pursue his true passion in life, becoming a stand-up comedian. When he gets the opportunity he’s been waiting for, the emcee slot on the road opening for his hero Billy G., the realities of life…

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Totally Under Control thumbnail

Totally Under Control

Genres: Documentary Released: 2020-10-13T07:00:00Z On January 20th, 2020 the US and South Korea both discovered their first cases of COVID-19. However, 9 months later, the novel Coronavirus has claimed the lives of almost 200,000 Americans and caused staggering economic damage, while in South Korea, there were no significant lockdowns and,…

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Into the Labyrinth thumbnail

Into the Labyrinth

Genres: Thriller Released: 2020-10-09T07:00:00Z When a kidnapping victim turns up alive after fifteen years, a profiler (Dustin Hoffman) and a private investigator try to piece together the mystery. Category: iTunes Movie File info: Purchased MPEG-4 video file M4V Video quality: 1080p Full HD

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Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo! thumbnail

Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo!

Genres: Action & Adventure Released: 2020-07-22T07:00:00Z Scooby-Doo and Shaggy’s favorite holiday is upon us! With fake monsters and candy galore – Halloween is heaven for these hungry foodies going door-to-door. But, this year, their sweet holiday turns sour when the neighborhood pumpkin patch is infected by toxic ooze, creating high-flying…

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Don’t Look Back

Genres: Horror Released: 2020-10-15T07:00:00Z Caitlin Kramer, a woman of faith overcoming a tragic past, is one of several people who witness Douglas Helton, a well-liked public figure being assaulted in a park and don’t intervene. When Douglas dies and the witnesses are “outed” to the public, they begin to die…

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From the Vine thumbnail

From the Vine

Genres: Independent Released: 2020-10-09T07:00:00Z A downtrodden man experiences an ethical crisis and travels back to his hometown in rural Italy to recalibrate his moral compass. There he finds new purpose in reviving his grandfather’s old vineyard, offering the small town of Acerenza a sustainable future, and reconnecting with his estranged…

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Fatima (2020) thumbnail

Fatima (2020)

Genres: Drama Released: 2020-08-28T07:00:00Z In 1917, outside the parish of Fátima, Portugal, a 10-year-old girl and her two younger cousins witness multiple visitations of the Virgin Mary, who tells them that only prayer and suffering will bring an end to WW I. Word of the sighting spreads across the country,…

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Cut Throat City thumbnail

Cut Throat City

Genres: Action & Adventure Released: 2020-07-17T07:00:00Z From hip hop icon and director RZA comes the explosive CUT THROAT CITY. In a post-Katrina, Lower Ninth Ward marred by governmental and law enforcement corruption, four boyhood friends return to find their homes decimated, with no jobs, and no help from FEMA. Out…

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Death of Me thumbnail

Death of Me

Genres: Horror Released: 2020-10-02T07:00:00Z Vacationing on an island off the coast of Thailand, Christine (Maggie Q) and Neil Oliver (Luke Hemsworth) awake hungover and with no memory of the previous night. They find footage on Neil’s camera, and watch, horrified, as Neil appears to murder Christine. With twenty-four hours until…

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Coastal Elites thumbnail

Coastal Elites

Genres: Comedy Released: 2020-10-12T07:00:00Z From playwright and screenwriter Paul Rudnick, and directed by Jay Roach, comes this socially distanced HBO satire that tells the stories of five distinct and impassioned characters as they grapple with politics, culture and the pandemic. Adapted from Rudnick’s play and filmed under quarantine guidelines in…

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Amulet thumbnail


Genres: Horror Released: 2020-07-24T07:00:00Z Tomaz, an ex-soldier, returns from a foreign conflict and finds himself living in strained circumstances. Haunted by his past, he is offered a place to stay in a decaying, claustrophobic house, inhabited by an enigmatic young woman and her dying mother. As he starts to fall…

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Yummy thumbnail


Genres: Horror Released: 2019-01-01T08:00:00Z While waiting for his girlfriend to come out of surgery, Michael stumbles upon a terrified young woman, gagged and strapped to an operating table; she is the result of an experimental rejuvenation treatment. Offering to help her escape, he removes her restraints but soon realizes he’s…

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V/H/S: Viral thumbnail

V/H/S: Viral

Genres: Horror Released: 2014-11-21T08:00:00Z A stream of police cars chasing after a deranged ice cream truck driver has captivated the attention of the greater Los Angeles area. Dozens of teens flock to the streets with their video cameras and cell phones, hell-bent on capturing the next viral video. But there…

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Batman: Death in the Family thumbnail

Batman: Death in the Family

Genres: Action & Adventure Released: 2020-08-13T07:00:00Z Batman: Death in the Family: Trained as Batman’s protégé, Jason Todd brings a relentless sense of justice as Robin, who sets his sights on bringing down the Joker. But can Batman save Robin from a fate worse than death? Tragedy, revenge and redemption await…

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Simon & Garfunkel: Bridge over Troubled Water thumbnail

Simon & Garfunkel: Bridge over Troubled Water

Genres: Music Feature Films Released: 2013-12-01T08:00:00Z Originally aired on CBS, and unavailable since its 1969 broadcast, this TV special is comprised of footage of the 1969 tour, intimate backstage conversations, historic news footage and more. The Harmony Game – brand new documentary about the making of Bridge Over Troubled Water,…

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Psychomania thumbnail


Genres: Horror Released: 1974-01-01T08:00:00Z A gang of young people call themselves the Living Dead. They terrorize the population from their small town. After an agreement with the devil, if they kill themselves firmly believing in it, they will survive and gain eternal life. Following their leader, they commit suicide one…

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Alone thumbnail


Genres: Horror Released: 2020-10-16T07:00:00Z One morning, lonely surfer Aidan (Tyler Posey, “Teen Wolf”) awakens to find that a global pandemic has turned most of humanity into blood-thirsty zombies. Just as he’s ready to give up hope, Aidan spots pretty neighbor Eva (Summer Spiro, “Westworld”) across the courtyard, and soon the…

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Black & White Night thumbnail

Black & White Night

Genres: Concert Films Released: 2013-08-27T07:00:00Z The classic Roy Orbison & Friends concert, with 17 incredible performances. Includes special guests Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Bonnie Raitt, k.d. Lang, and more! Category: iTunes Movie File info: Purchased MPEG-4 video file M4V Video quality: 1080p Full HD

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7 Minutes thumbnail

7 Minutes

Genres: Drama Released: 2020-10-13T07:00:00Z 7 MINUTES tells the story of Jean, a 55 year-old policeman who discovers his son, Maxime, and his son’s boyfriend hanged in a hotel room. The autopsy shows that he died from an overdose of GHB, just seven minutes after his boyfriend. During an evening organized…

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Aileen Wuornos: Mind of a Monster thumbnail

Aileen Wuornos: Mind of a Monster

Genres: Nonfiction Released: 2020-01-01T08:00:00Z America’s first female serial killer wrote down her darkest secrets for her best friend while on Florida’s death row. Now, for the first time, those secrets are revealed in detail as the written words of Aileen Wuornos tell us what really happened. Episode List: 1 Aileen…

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The Glorias thumbnail

The Glorias

Genres: Drama Released: 2020-09-30T07:00:00Z Julie Taymor’s The Glorias, based on Gloria Steinem’s autobiographical book, “My Life on the Road,” weaves a compelling, nontraditional tapestry of Steinem’s life, spanning five decades with Oscar® winning actresses Julianne Moore and Alicia Vikander joined by Lulu Wilson and Ryan Keira Armstrong in portraying Steinem…

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Most Wanted thumbnail

Most Wanted

Genres: Thriller Released: 2020-07-24T07:00:00Z Inspired by a gripping true story, an investigative reporter (Josh Hartnett) fights to expose the twisted truth behind a heroin bust orchestrated by dirty cops to frame an innocent man – sentencing him to life in a Thai prison. Category: iTunes Movie File info: Purchased MPEG-4…

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The Neverending Story & The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter 2 Film Collection thumbnail
Then Came You thumbnail

Then Came You

Genres: Comedy Released: 2020-09-30T07:00:00Z A lonely widow plans a trip around the world with her husband’s ashes, to visit the places they loved in the movies. The first stop on the journey changes her life forever. Category: iTunes Movie File info: Purchased MPEG-4 video file M4V Video quality: 1080p Full…

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Misbehaviour thumbnail


Genres: Comedy Released: 2020-09-25T07:00:00Z Misbehaviour tells the sensational true story of the Women’s Liberation Movement’s disruption of the 1970 Miss World pageant and the crowning of the pageant’s first woman of color; making headlines around the world. Starring Keira Knightley (The Imitation Game), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Motherless Brooklyn), Jessie Buckley (Chernobyl),…

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The Butcher Baker: Mind of a Monster thumbnail

The Butcher Baker: Mind of a Monster

Genres: Nonfiction Released: 2020-09-02T07:00:00Z In the 1980s, a mild-mannered family man ran a bakery in Anchorage, Alaska. Unknown to those who knew him, he also hunted and murdered dozens of women. In a world exclusive, we see inside the warped mind of Robert Hansen with his final taped confession. Episode…

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The Wolf Of Snow Hollow thumbnail

The Wolf Of Snow Hollow

Genres: Horror Released: 2020-10-09T07:00:00Z In this taut thriller, a small-town sheriff who is struggling with a failed marriage, a rebellious daughter, and a lackluster department, is tasked with solving a series of brutal murders that are occurring on the full moon. As he’s consumed by the hunt for the killer,…

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Faith Based thumbnail

Faith Based

Genres: Comedy Released: 2020-10-09T07:00:00Z Faith Based is the story of two friends looking for a little direction in life who discover the Christian film industry might just be the get rich quick scheme of their dreams. But when they realize they don’t actually know much about Christianity, and even less…

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