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Piranha DD

Genres: Comedy Released: 2012-06-01T07:00:00Z After the terror unleashed on Lake Victoria in Piranha 3D, the pre-historic school of blood thirsty piranhas is back. This time, no one is safe from the flesh-eating fish as they sink their razor-sharp teeth into the visitors of the summer’s best attraction, The Big Wet…

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The Cave

Genres: Documentary Released: 2019-10-18T07:00:00Z Oscar®-Nominated for best Documentary Feature*, THE CAVE is a stirring portrait of courage, resilience, and female solidarity from acclaimed filmmaker Feras Fayyad (“Last Men in Aleppo”). For besieged civilians in war-torn Syria, hope and safety lie underground inside the subterranean hospital known as the Cave, where…

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Morris from America thumbnail

Morris from America

Genres: Comedy Released: 2016-08-19T07:00:00Z Craig Robinson stars as the father of 13-year-old Morris; though they have just relocated to Germany, Morris won’t let anything stop his pursuit of hip-hop stardom and the girl of his dreams in this hilarious and heartwarming coming-of-age comedy. Category: iTunes Movie File info: Purchased MPEG-4…

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Menashe thumbnail


Genres: Drama Released: 2017-07-28T07:00:00Z Set within the New York Hasidic community in Borough Park, Brooklyn, Menashe follows a kind but hapless grocery store clerk trying to maintain custody of his son Rieven after his wife, Lea, passes away. Since they live in a tradition-bound culture that requires a mother present…

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Mystify: Michael Hutchence thumbnail

Mystify: Michael Hutchence

Genres: Documentary Released: 2020-01-07T08:00:00Z Deftly woven from Michael’s private home movies and those of his lovers, friends, and family, Mystify: Michael Hutchence delves beneath the public persona of the charismatic frontman of chart-topping band INXS and reveals a multifaceted, intensely sensitive and complex man. Michael struggled with the idea of…

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Leatherheads thumbnail


Genres: Comedy Released: 2008-04-04T07:00:00Z Academy Award® winners George Clooney and Renée Zellweger team up in this fun-filled comedy set against the beginnings of pro football. Dodge Connelly (Clooney), captain of a struggling squad of barroom brawlers, has only one hope to save his team: recruit college superstar Carter Rutherford (John…

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Jackie Chan's First Strike thumbnail

Jackie Chan’s First Strike

Genres: Action & Adventure Released: 1997-01-10T08:00:00Z Jackie Chan (“Rush Hour” trilogy, “Shanghai Knights”) stars as a Hong Kong cop on a “simple” mission that plunges him into the wildest adventure of his life as he attempts to recover a stolen nuclear warhead in this hilarious stunt spectacular. Cantonese Language Film…

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Midway thumbnail


Genres: Action & Adventure Released: 2019-11-08T08:00:00Z MIDWAY centers on the Battle of Midway, a clash between the American fleet and the Imperial Japanese Navy which marked a pivotal turning point in the Pacific Theater during WWII. The film, based on the real-life events of this heroic feat, tells the story…

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Good Advice thumbnail

Good Advice

Genres: Comedy Released: 2001-12-08T08:00:00Z In this wildly outrageous romantic comedy, high-flying Wall Street wonder boy Ryan Turner (Charlie Sheen) has it all: a gorgeous girlfriend, a fabulous apartment, good looks and a bright career. He just can’t lose- until he gets a bum stock tip and suddenly his world comes…

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Jojo Rabbit thumbnail

Jojo Rabbit

Genres: Comedy Released: 2019-10-18T07:00:00Z Writer director Taika Waititi, brings his signature style of humor and pathos to his latest film, JOJO RABBIT, a World War II satire that follows a lonely German boy whose world view is turned upside down when he discovers his single mother is hiding a young…

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Ghost Ship (2002) thumbnail
Get Gone thumbnail

Get Gone

Genres: Horror Released: 2020-01-28T08:00:00Z Hoax Busters, an internet ‘fake video’ team, take a weekend retreat after busting another online lie to do some team building. They travel to Whiskey Flats, OR and meet with Craig Eubanks, a shifty, bossy know-it-all outdoor guide who promises them his company, Rocks and Roots,…

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A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood thumbnail
Frantic thumbnail


Genres: Thriller Released: 1988-02-26T08:00:00Z An American heart surgeon, with his wife in Paris, is thrown into an adventure when his wife vanishes. As he searches he teams up with a Parisian woman who may hold the key to the mystery. Category: iTunes Movie File info: Purchased MPEG-4 video file M4V…

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Division III: Football's Finest thumbnail

Division III: Football’s Finest

Genres: Comedy Released: 2011-01-01T08:00:00Z Comedy mad man Andy Dick (Old School) leads a winning ensemble cast in this outrageous comedy in the no holds barred tradition of Bad Santa and Bad Teacher. Meet bad coach Rick Vice, a redneck psycho with a suspect record (the attempted murder of a Pee…

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21 Bridges thumbnail

21 Bridges

Genres: Action & Adventure Released: 2019-11-22T08:00:00Z After uncovering a massive conspiracy, an embattled NYPD detective joins a citywide manhunt for two young cop killers. As the night unfolds, he soon becomes unsure of who to pursue — and who’s in pursuit of him. When the search intensifies, authorities decide to…

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Boy thumbnail


Genres: Comedy Released: 2013-11-05T08:00:00Z The year is 1984, and on the rural East Coast of New Zealand “Thriller” is changing kids’ lives. Boy, a young dreamer obsessed with Michael Jackson, lives with his brother and cousins and dreams of his long-lost father, who was sent to prison for robbery not…

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Almost Heroes thumbnail

Almost Heroes

Genres: Comedy Released: 1998-05-29T07:00:00Z TV stars Matthew Perry (“Friends”) and Chris Farley (“Saturday Night Live,” “Black Sheep”) star in this outrageous “trail” comedy set in the 1800s that follows the exploits of American pioneers Edwards & Hunt as they lead a motley band of misfits into the wild unchartered countryside.…

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John Henry thumbnail

John Henry

Genres: Thriller Released: 2020-01-10T08:00:00Z Ex-gang member John Henry (Terry Crews) is a quiet man with a violent past. When two immigrant kids on the run from his former South Los Angeles gang leader (Chris “Ludacris” Bridges) stumble into his life, John is forced to reconcile with his past in order…

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The Fugitive Kind thumbnail

The Fugitive Kind

Genres: Drama Released: 1960-04-23T08:00:00Z In this Tennessee Williams masterpiece, Marlon Brando is superb as a paradoxical drifter drawn into the desperate lives of two passionate women, Maureen Stapleton and Joanne Woodward, in a small Mississippi town. Category: iTunes Movie File info: Purchased MPEG-4 video file M4V Video quality: 1080p Full…

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Arctic Dogs thumbnail

Arctic Dogs

Genres: Kids & Family Released: 2019-11-01T07:00:00Z Arctic Dogs follows the hilarious misadventures of Swifty the Arctic Fox (Jeremy Renner), who stumbles upon a dark scheme by the villainous Otto Von Walrus (John Cleese) to melt the Arctic. To stop this sinister plot, Swifty enlists the help of his ragtag group…

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Maid In Manhattan thumbnail

Maid In Manhattan

Genres: Romance Released: 2002-12-13T08:00:00Z Marisa Ventura (Jennifer Lopez) is a struggling single mom who works at a posh Manhattan hotel and dreams of a better life for her and her young son (Tyler Posey). One fateful day, hotel guest and senatorial candidate Christopher Marshall (Ralph Fiennes) meets Marisa and mistakes…

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Godsend thumbnail


Genres: Thriller Released: 2004-08-17T07:00:00Z Rebecca Romijn, Greg Kinnear, and two-time Oscar®-winner Robert De Niro give electrifying performances in this riveting suspense thriller about a married couple who will do anything to bring back their beloved eight-year-old son, Adam. Following the boy’s untimely death, the grieving couple is befriended by a…

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3022 thumbnail


Genres: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Released: 2019-11-01T07:00:00Z Halfway through a 10-year mission, a group of astronauts become unstable, overcome by the isolation of deep space. While they prepare to return home, Earth is hit by a catastrophic event. The haunting emptiness of space becomes the least of their concerns as they…

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The Wave thumbnail

The Wave

Genres: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Released: 2020-01-17T08:00:00Z When Frank goes out on the town to celebrate an upcoming promotion, his night takes an unexpected and bizarre turn when he is dosed with a hallucinogen that alters his perception and changes his life forever. Category: iTunes Movie File info: Purchased MPEG-4 video…

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Children Who Chase Lost Voices (Dubbed) thumbnail

Children Who Chase Lost Voices (Dubbed)

Genres: Anime Released: 2012-06-26T07:00:00Z Attacked by a strange monstrous creature, rescued by a mysterious stranger and pursued by a relentless enemy, Asuna finds herself enmeshed in a centuries old mystery that will bind her to a strange young defender and leads her inevitably, towards a secret that may hold the…

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Blind Date thumbnail

Blind Date

Genres: Comedy Released: 1987-03-27T08:00:00Z When Walter Davis (Bruce Willis, The Sixth Sense) is set up with gorgeous Nadia Gates (Kim Basinger, No Mercy), the perfect Blind Date dissolves into disaster in this sexy comedy caper. Walter invites beautiful southern belle Nadia to a button-down corporate dinner, expecting to impress his…

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V: The Original Miniseries (Classic Series) thumbnail
The Corrupted thumbnail

The Corrupted

Genres: Thriller Released: 2019-05-10T07:00:00Z Beneath the blinding lights and towering sights of the newly-built East London skyline, lies a dark, dangerous web of corruption. Recently released ex-con Liam McDonagh (Sam Claflin) wants nothing more than a peaceful life, and to reconnect with his young son Archie. His brother Sean is…

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Anthropocene: The Human Epoch thumbnail

Anthropocene: The Human Epoch

Genres: Documentary Released: 2019-12-24T08:00:00Z A stunning sensory experience and cinematic meditation on humanity’s massive re-engineering of the planet, Anthropocene: The Human Epoch is a years-in-the-making feature documentary from the award-winning team behind Manufactured Landscapes (2006) and Watermark (2013). Narrated by Alicia Vikander, the film follows the research of an international…

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