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Medium, Season 7

Genres: Drama Released: 2010-09-24T07:00:00Z When they have the same dream about a missing homeless man who is the subject of Allison’s most recent case, Bridgette and Allison swap personalities, causing mayhem at home, at school and with the investigation. Episode List: 1 Bring Your Daughter to Work Day 2 The…

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Medium, Season 1

Genres: Drama Released: 2005-01-03T08:00:00Z When Allison, a pre-law student who is interning at the district attorney’s office, starts to experience paranormal events, she wonders if she is psychic of psycho. When one of her dreams ends up being based on a real case, she is able to help the Texas…

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Medium, Season 6

Genres: Drama Released: 2009-09-25T07:00:00Z A television station owner asks Devalos and Scanlon to investigate the possible stalking of his wife. Allison and her family deal with the outcome of her brain surgery and its possible lasting effects. Episode List: 1 Déjà Vu All Over Again 2 Who’s That Girl 3…

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Medium, Season 5

Genres: Drama Released: 2009-02-02T08:00:00Z Allison tries to help Devalos solve the recent murder of his friend’s sister, but her dreams keep pointing to the friend’s first husband, Nathan, who died in a car accident two years ago. Episode List: 1 Soul Survivor 2 7 Things to Do In Phoenix 3…

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Medium, Season 4

Genres: Drama Released: 2008-01-07T08:00:00Z With everyone’s lives turned upside down now that Allison’s psychic abilities are public, she begins having disturbing dreams about a young boy snatched from a toy store while shopping with his dad. Unable to turn to Devalos or Scanlon for help, Allison calls Ameritips, a company…

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Medium, Season 3

Genres: Drama Released: 2006-11-15T08:00:00Z Allison discovers that her and Bridgette are both having very similar odd series of dreams, they only difference is that Bridgett’s dreams keep coming to her in the form of cartoons. When the dreams become dark and ugly Allison begins to believe there is a connection…

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Medium, Season 2

Genres: Drama Released: 2005-09-19T07:00:00Z After risking his life to find a serial killer, Captain Push finds himself in a coma while Allison struggles with the fact that she hasn’t had a dream in three months. Episode List: 1 When Push Comes to Shove, Pt. 2 2 The Song Remains the…

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