The current situation of v3 site: Updated poll

Hello everyone,

I’m writing this to inform you guys about the current financial situation of the site. I’ve been trying to keep the membership cost of the site $20/month for as long as I could, while offering up to $52-60 worth of request every month for each member.

However as I’m calculating the total cost and return now, it’s just not possible for me to keep doing this the same way as before. I’ll try to break it down with as much details as I can, with the total posts per week of 28 (4 a day)

Total cost of running the site includes:

  • Server + domain: $47/month
  • Purchasing cost: $1,320/month on average
    • Regular requests: Currently around 15/week @$13 = $195/week -> $780/month
    • New releases: Average 5/week @$15= $75/week -> $300/month
    • Other purchases including movies on sales, premium requests etc.: 8/week @$7.5= $60 -> $240/month

For a total cost of $1,367/month on average

Total payments I receive from 55 members @$20/month (this is not accurate as many members using longer membership period at lower fee) = $1,100/month 

As you can see, with the current cost & revenue, it’s not possible for me to keep running the site this way in the long run. I will run out of funds from prepayments very soon unless there are some changes. I really don’t think I should make any decision on my own, so if you guys have any suggestion, please let me know. You can do so in the comment section, chat box or on Discord.

Thank you for your continued support!

Edit 1: Added a poll based on what everyone has suggested so far, multiple answers is allowed

Should the site be splitted?

What changes should be made about the request system?

What changes should be made about membership fee?

9 thoughts on “The current situation of v3 site: Updated poll

  1. kwannyboy

    Possible solution could be the most typical, which would be a increase in subscription price or like a pay-per-movie setup…where you get a number of downloads for a set price.

    1. Grand Master Post author

      Pay-per-view is a completely different direction to run the site. I have yet found a way to make it work, but I’m concerned that revenue might be really uncertain and that’s the last thing I want to happen

  2. Social1

    Four movies a day and maybe increasing the monthly fee by $5.
    Also, maybe purchase less TV show — unless members have one-off’s and are will to pay for them.

  3. Social1

    And no disrespect to all of the older movies being posted lately. Are these movies people want/request? If not, could the funds used on them be saved and just have newer movies? Again, I’m not knocking the older movies.

  4. James

    The older movies being posted lately has been pretty excessive. They should be prioritized after new releases have been posted.

  5. James

    Raising the monthly cost seems to be the easiest and simplest solution to the problem, honestly. Maybe if that doesn’t work, we could try other solutions in the future.


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