Steak Revolution thumbnail

Steak Revolution

Genres: Documentary Released: 2015-07-17T07:00:00Z A global pursuit (with layovers in Japan, Argentina, Brazil, France, Spain, the U.S. and other countries) for the best steak in the world, STEAK (R)EVOLUTION features exclusive conversations with chefs, farmers, butchers, steakhouse owners, journalists and experts about the many variables that affect the quality of…

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Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Season 2, Vol. 1 thumbnail

Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Season 2, Vol. 1

Genres: Animation Released: 2006-11-04T08:00:00Z The double duel continues as Aster and Jaden battle Sarina in a duel to determine who “the chosen duelist!” is!   Category: iTunes TV Show File info: Purchased MPEG-4 video file M4V Video quality: 1080p Full HD

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Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Season 1, Vol. 2 thumbnail

Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Season 1, Vol. 2

Genres: Animation Released: 2005-12-14T08:00:00Z When Jaden and the gang get trapped in an ancient world, it’s up to Jaden to win a duel or be buried alive with the rest of his friends! Episode List: 1 Grave Risk, Pt. 1 2 Grave Risk, Pt. 2 3 Doomsday Day, Pt. 1…

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The Vanished thumbnail

The Vanished

Genres: Thriller Released: 2020-08-21T07:00:00Z An idyllic family vacation turns into a living nightmare for parents Paul (Thomas Jane) and Wendy (Anne Heche) when their young daughter disappears without a trace. When the local sheriff (Jason Patric) fails to chase down any new leads, the frantic parents have no choice but…

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Stay Away, Joe thumbnail

Stay Away, Joe

Genres: Comedy Released: 1968-01-01T08:00:00Z Half-breed rodeo champ returns to the reservation to help his people prove they can be responsible cattlemen and finds the bull forwarded to them for breeding has been slaughtered to celebrate his homecoming. Category: iTunes Movie File info: Purchased MPEG-4 video file M4V Video quality: 1080p…

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Spinout thumbnail


Genres: Musicals Released: 1966-10-17T07:00:00Z Elvis Presley, the rock’n’roll king, stars as a singing race-car driver who must choose among three beautiful and appealing females in this high-speed musical romp. Co-starring Emmy-nominee Shelley Fabares (“Coach”). Category: iTunes Movie File info: Purchased MPEG-4 video file M4V Video quality: 1080p Full HD

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Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Season 1, Vol. 1 thumbnail

Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Season 1, Vol. 1

Genres: Animation Released: 2005-10-10T07:00:00Z When Jaden arrives late to his entrance exam for Duel Academy, he has to go above and beyond expectations to prove that he deserves to make the cut! Episode List: 1 The Next King of Games 2 Welcome to Duel Academy 3 A Duel in Love…

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Wynonna Earp, Season 4 [Episode 6/12] thumbnail

Wynonna Earp, Season 4 [Episode 6/12]

Genres: Drama Released: 2020-07-26T07:00:00Z The Earp Curse is broken, and witty and wild demon hunter Wynonna Earp would love to be celebrating with cold whisky and hot donuts. Too bad she has to rescue everyone she loves, save the town of Purgatory, and take on her most diabolical, Earp-hating enemy…

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NOS4A2, Season 2 thumbnail

NOS4A2, Season 2

Genres: Drama Released: 2020-06-21T07:00:00Z Eight years on, Vic McQueen remains more determined than ever to destroy Charlie Manx. Charlie, having faced his own mortality, emerges desperate for revenge. This time, he sets his sights on the person who means the most to Vic – her son, Wayne. Episode Air Date…

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Yellowstone, Season 3 thumbnail

Yellowstone, Season 3

Genres: Drama Released: 2020-06-21T07:00:00Z  Jamie’s loyalty is put to the test, Beth prepares to put up a fight, and the Dutton family forms new alliances when Yellowstone return. Episode Air Date Episode Name 1 Sun Jun 21, 2020 You’re the Indian Now 2 Sun Jun 28, 2020 Freight Trains and Monsters 3…

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The Truth thumbnail

The Truth

Genres: Drama Released: 2020-07-03T07:00:00Z Legends of French cinema Catherine Deneuve and Juliette Binoche join masterful filmmaker Hirokazu Koreeda (Shoplifters, Still Walking) to paint a moving portrait of family dynamics in THE TRUTH. Fabienne (Catherine Deneuve) is an aging French movie star who, despite her momentary lapses in memory, remains a…

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Sister (Subtitled) thumbnail

Sister (Subtitled)

Genres: Drama Released: 2013-12-31T08:00:00Z Simon (Kacey Mottet Klein) lives with his older sister (Léa Seydoux) in a housing complex below a luxury Swiss ski resort. With his sister drifting in and out of jobs and relationships, twelve-year-old Simon takes on the responsibility of providing for the two of them. Every…

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Not Another Teen Movie thumbnail

Not Another Teen Movie

Genres: Comedy Released: 2001-12-14T08:00:00Z Handsome John Hughes High jock Zack bets his friends that he can turn nerdy Janey into the most popular girl in class. With the help of Zack’s sister, Catherine, Janey ditches her ponytail and glasses and turns beautiful. Zack falls in love with her. Category: iTunes…

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The Ancient Magus' Bride, Pt. 2 thumbnail

The Ancient Magus’ Bride, Pt. 2

Genres: Animation Released: 2017-12-30T08:00:00Z Chise is attacked by yukimushi, briefly making her dangerously ill. She and Elias discuss the nature of their relationship. Episode List: 1 East, West, Home’s Best 2 Looks Breed Love 3 There Is No Place like Home 4 God’s Mill Grinds Slow but Sure 5 Look…

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The Rental thumbnail

The Rental

Genres: Thriller Released: 2020-07-24T07:00:00Z Two couples on an oceanside getaway grow suspicious that the host of their seemingly perfect rental house may be spying on them. Before long, what should have been a celebratory weekend trip turns into something far more sinister, as well-kept secrets are exposed and the four…

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Mudbloods thumbnail


Genres: Documentary Released: 2014-10-14T07:00:00Z Transforming Harry Potter’s fictional competition into a physically demanding, real-life sport, Quidditch has secured its place as one of the fastest growing collegiate club sports today. MUDBLOODS follows the resilient underdogs of the UCLA Quidditch team as they make their way to the Fifth Annual Quidditch…

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Home Alone, Season 1 thumbnail

Home Alone, Season 1

Genres: Nonfiction Released: 2017-10-12T07:00:00Z In 2007, 17-year old Katie is living in Tennessee with her doting parents. But Katie’s been keeping secrets, and her parents are shocked to discover she’s being stalked by an ex-boyfriend they didn’t know existed. Episode List: 1 Portrait of a Stallker 2 Bullets in the…

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The Ancient Magus' Bride, Pt. 1 thumbnail

The Ancient Magus’ Bride, Pt. 1

Genres: Animation Released: 2017-10-07T07:00:00Z Having given up on life, 15-year-old Hatori Chise sells herself at an underground auction. She is bought by Elias Ainsworth, a not-quite-human mage, for 5 million pounds. He intends for her to be his future bride, and her world begins to change. Episode List: 1 April…

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The Pale Door thumbnail

The Pale Door

Genres: Horror Released: 2020-08-21T07:00:00Z The Dalton gang find shelter in a seemingly uninhabited ghost town after a train robbery goes south. Seeking help for their wounded leader, they are surprised to stumble upon a welcoming brothel in the town’s square. But the beautiful women who greet them are actually a…

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Foosballers thumbnail


Genres: Documentary Released: 2020-02-11T08:00:00Z This award-winning documentary takes a deep dive into the underground world of professional table soccer, following six of the top players as they prepare for the Tornado World Championships. Through an ensemble cast of quirky characters and obsessive fans, “Foosballers” explores the sport’s rich and relatively…

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Eden of the East, The King of Eden thumbnail

Eden of the East, The King of Eden

Genres: Animation Released: 2011-04-26T07:00:00Z Takizawa prevented Japan’s destruction – and then he vanished. Six months later, clues lead Saki to New York City in search of her missing friend. Meanwhile, the remaining Seleção are plotting their final move – and some of them are prepared to destroy everything if it…

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Record of Lodoss War, Chronicles of the Heroic Knight thumbnail
Tesla thumbnail


Genres: Drama Released: 2020-08-21T07:00:00Z Ethan Hawke stars as iconic inventor Nikola Tesla, fighting an uphill battle to bring his revolutionary electrical system to fruition. Increasingly displeased by the greed of fellow inventor Thomas Edison (Kyle MacLachlan), Tesla forges his own path toward creating the innovative alternate-current motor. In this playful…

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Superman: Man of Tomorrow thumbnail

Superman: Man of Tomorrow

Genres: Action & Adventure Released: 2020-06-25T07:00:00Z Meet Clark Kent. Sent to Earth as an infant from the dying planet Krypton, he arrived with as many questions as the number of light-years he traveled. Now a young man, he makes his living in Metropolis as an intern at the Daily Planet…

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Dear Dictator thumbnail

Dear Dictator

Genres: Comedy Released: 2017-01-01T08:00:00Z When political turmoil forces a British-Caribbean dictator to flee his island nation, he seeks refuge with his pen pal, a rebellious teenage girl in suburban America, and teaches her how to start a revolution and overthrow the “mean girls” in her high school. Category: iTunes Movie…

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Bending Steel thumbnail

Bending Steel

Genres: Documentary Released: 2015-08-04T07:00:00Z Possessed by an unwavering determination, solitude and some simple steel, Chris Schoeck trains out of his basement to become a professional Oldetime Strongman. Stacked against his own fears of failure and judgment, Bending Steel examines Schoeck’s captivating journey to conquer every piece of steel that comes…

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Austin Found thumbnail

Austin Found

Genres: Comedy Released: 2017-07-07T07:00:00Z Leanne Miller (Linda Cardellini, Freaks and Geeks) is a 36-year-old wife and mother whose hunger for fame and fortune leads her down a dangerous path. A former beauty queen and prom queen, Leanne is fed up with her unglamorously average lifestyle when she decides to take…

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The Trip to Greece thumbnail

The Trip to Greece

Genres: Comedy Released: 2020-05-15T07:00:00Z Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon reunite in Greece for the fourth AND FINAL installment of THE TRIP series in a delightful odyssey of gut-busting comedy. From director Michael Winterbottom. Category: iTunes Movie File info: Purchased MPEG-4 video file M4V Video quality: 1080p Full HD

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Record of Lodoss War thumbnail

Record of Lodoss War

Genres: Animation Released: 1990-06-30T07:00:00Z In search of more information on the Grey Witch, a young knight named Parn and his five companions travel through perilous ruins. Episode List: 1 Prologue to the Legend 2 Blazing Departure 3 The Black Knight 4 The Grey Witch 5 The Desert King 6 The…

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