v3 Movies & TV Shows is now open for everyone!

iplus4u v3 has been up and running since late 2012, and we’ve always been the one best source for high quality, genuine iTunes Movies & TV Shows. At the starting point, there were many concerns about how to keep the site contents protected and that was the reason why we only provide weekly purchase list instead of a publicly opened site.

At the same time, we understand that doing things that way would leave visitors, especially new ones wonder what’s exactly we have to offer, as it was not totally transparent.

That’s the reason why we decided to open v3 for everyone. You can now view and visit v3 site before registration anytime,  here is the website address: http://iplus4u.com/v3/

We hope this will give everyone a much better view of our website, and we’re eager to see new members here at iplus4u v3.

Thank you everyone for your support,